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Please review the below for information regarding permissions and privacy. These policies are subject to change. (Last modified on November 21, 2015)

Sharing Policy

Thank you so much for visiting tarotmore! Materials on this site- i.e. posts, writings, etc.- are the property of me (Chani of tarotmore), tarotmore, and, or any other form thereof, unless otherwise stated. (Designs on this site are either the property of the aforementioned or are available for the general public to use- e.g. they fall within the "public domain", the creator allows such use of their designs, etc.) If you like my site and what you find on it, then be sure to let others know!

1. "Can I link to something on your site, your blog posts, your YouTube videos, etc.?"
Yes, ab-so-freakin'-lutely! Seriously, do you really have to ask? Link away!**

2. "Can I use something of yours for my blog, school project, YouTube video, etc. or to facilitate divination readings?"
Again, yes! If it's for "fair" or "personal" use, or for divination readings, you are welcome to use it- for free! Please just provide attribution, or otherwise cite my work according to the guidelines you are following (e.g. MLA format), and include a link back to my site or the source material, if applicable. Any of the following work for providing credit: Chani of tarotmore, tarotmore,, or other form thereof. It is not necessary to include a link with embedded YouTube videos, as they already link back to their original page, although it may be nice of you to do so, like to my website perhaps!)**

3. "What if I want to make copies, or share your material in a way not already mentioned, like passing out handouts or something?"
Go right ahead, but please give me credit where it is due. (Refer to #2)

4. "What if I wish to use your material for my blog, YouTube video, etc. in a way that would not be considered 'fair' or 'personal' use (e.g. using your material for a purpose not outlined by Fair Use doctrine or using something of yours in the direct promotion of my business)?"
Depending on the nature of your project, use may be free with attribution (again, refer to #2). Other times, it might not be. Please contact me directly, and let me know what you have in mind.

Remember, do not claim work that is not yours as your own. Any infringement or misuse of my material will be dealt with accordingly if found. (For the love of tarot, create your own material!) Need help understanding Fair Use? Try here:

US Copyright Policy on Fair Use

For seeking permission, or for questions, please visit...


A few more things...

If you'd like to use or link directly to something found on my site not belonging to me, but which I have the rights to use, please give credit to and obtain any necessary permissions from the appropriate source or owner.

**Also, links, attributions and citations need to be clearly visible and in a conspicuous place where a person can find them. (Examples: As a standard text link within a blog post, in the attribution of a page, in the About section of a YouTube video, or in a paper's bibliography would all be OK; As part of something like obscure or hidden imagery or text, things with confusing or unclear labeling, or on a separate, unrelated web page would not.)

If you do use something of mine for your blog, video, etc., I'd love to hear about it! (Try my Twitter, YouTube or leave me a comment on my Blog!)

Privacy Statement

Your name, email address and other such personal information, if provided, is never shared with anyone without your permission unless required to do so by law. I am not responsible for content from my site being republished on other websites or in media without my consent. For concerns regarding the use and technical operations of this site (e.g. "cookies", etc.), please refer to Google's Privacy PolicyGoogle's Terms of Service and Mad Mimi's Privacy Policy respectively. You may also review My Ethics for additional information.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope you enjoy all things tarotmore! n_n