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Why, Hello There!

Bam! The pounding that is your heart shakes your psyche to its very bones. Your breathing slows to a crawl. The icy grip of your intuition takes root, winding through the synapses and tearing at your conscious brain. As you reach for the mysterious and lovely card in front of you, you notice the powerful symbols and colors pulling you in. Your eye is drawn to the figure in the foreground. There's a chill on the back of your neck. It is your intuition whispering,
 "Uh, what happened to her clothes?"
For the love of tarot...#&*%!

Hey there, tarot-lovely, My name is Chani. (It's said like "Shawn-ie" or "Ŝani" por vi Esperantistoj!) I'm the creative force behind tarotmore ("tair-oh-more-aay" or "tarot+amore"). Thank-you for visiting my site!

I am a Writer, Storyteller, Dreamer and "Tarot Manifestor". I hold an Associate of Applied Science in American Sign Language Interpreting, and possess a ever-blooming interest in divination. Tarot and Oracle cards are my passion.

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From Then To Here

I have been reading Tarot for several years, and I can clearly recall the first time I picked up a deck of Tarot cards. I was actually a bit freaked out by the imagery on the Death card. Despite being new to Tarot at the time, I was already aware that Death symbolizes transition, and is often a metaphorical death rather than a literal one. Although that particular image was a very traditional depiction of Death in the Tarot, something about it didn't jive with the associated meaning I had for the card, and it was enough to initially steer me away from Tarot-reading altogether.

It wasn't until I was older when I happened across another deck with a more "favorable" version of Death that I discovered what the Tarot could really do for our personal development and daily lives. It is a key which can unlock our inner wisdom. The ironic part of all this is that I do actually like the creepy and peculiar. Plus, it helps that I have a wicked sense of humor to boot! It is these aspects of myself and the Tarot that come together to form the core principles behind tarotmore.

My Mission

My mission is to share my ideas, experience and the magic of Tarot and Oracle cards with humor, practical insight, realism, fun, love and a few deliciously dark scares along the way- like a sinful and oh-so-chocolaty Devil's Food cake. Yum!

I think sometimes people view Tarot as something all deep and serious, accessible only by a select or privileged few. Conversely, people can have a real fear towards the Tarot, so they shy way from it without ever knowing what it is. I hope that by chronicling my journey and thoughts for you all, I can help you explore the many wondrous facets of the Tarot in a safe and positive way.

I want you to be be able to enjoy the lighter AND darker sides of the Tarot without the hesitation- to confidently leap out into the wild Tarot landscape, just like The Fool. So let's pull back the curtain, shall we? Even the shadows and nonsense are profound in their knowledge and beauty. And that, my dear tarot-lovely, is like SO tarotmore. ;)