*I do NOT provide personal readings or interpretations at this time, however, I am planning on providing this service in the future. This code of ethics reflects that future practice and the general policies of this site. It is subject to change. (Last modified on December 2, 2015)

1.) I respect all. respect and read for my clients equally, regardless of personal belief, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, origin, race, age, ethnicity, or cultural identity. I will treat you with compassion, and not judge you for any questions or issues that you may bring to a reading. I am also committed to representing myself and the tarot with integrity and respect. I do, however, reserve the right to refuse doing a reading for someone, for any reason, at any time, with consideration but not limited to such things as: not adhering to this code of ethics; being disrespectful of me, others, or the process; circumstances in which a tarot card reading may not be appropriate or would create a potentially dangerous situation, etc. I value my clients, and just ask you show the same courtesy.

2.) I conduct my readings in a safe and rewarding manner. It is never my goal or intention to scare you or to cause harm during a reading, nor would I ever do so. Ultimately, I want your experience to be a positive one, and if you ever have a problem, please let me know! Although, if I do something like write a horror story with the tarot, then I’ll frighten you in a good way.

3.) All readings are kept confidential. I will never share your personal information or the details of your reading without your consent, unless required to do so by law. Any information or example that I do happen to share will only reflect my experience with the tarot, and will not connect back to or specifically identify any person in any way.

4.) The tarot is not a substitute for any legal, medical, financial, or other such advice. In other words, please consult the appropriate, licensed professional for these matters. You are free to ask, but understand I cannot offer advice which I’m not qualified to give. I will work with you to address the questions or issues you may have in a way that is relevant to the tarot, and will indicate when to seek the professional opinion of someone else. In the event that I do have some form of expertise or training that may be of use during a reading, I will be clear on what my experience is, and will distinguish between that and any insight gained from the cards.

5.) The tarot is also not a substitute for your own good sense. The tarot can offer us perspective, guidance, and insight into the matters that affect us, however, each of us makes our own choices in life. I won’t tell you what to do. I may offer you options or ideas, but you ultimately decide what to do with them. You also may have different ideas or insights about the cards themselves, or what I say during a reading, and that’s okay. My role is simply to help you make sense of the cards in a meaningful way, so you can apply that understanding to your life as you see fit. What you take away from the experience is what matters.

6.) I will not take advantage of my clients in any way, or allow them to become dependent or addicted to my readings. Like a good bartender, I will cut you off and let you know when you’ve had enough. Unlike some bartenders though, I won’t push cheap tricks or gimmicks on you for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. (Nor will I pretend to flirt with you for tips!)

7.) I strive to empower my clients, by keeping the focus on YOU! As a reader, I will encourage you to take charge of the things in your life, and to make your own decisions with joy and confidence.With that said, I am unable to do a reading for someone else without their permission. Other people may be involved in your situation or come up in the cards, but ultimately, it’s important the reading stay focused on you. I can help you identify what forces are at work, so that you can embrace the good, accept things that may be beyond our control, and know how to make changes for the better. I’ll work with you to keep you in the spotlight. Don’t forget- you’re the star!

8.) The future is in the cards…or is it? I read in the NOW! The tarot can give us an idea of where things are headed, or what may come up based on what’s happening in your life at the moment, but to me, the future is not set in stone. As such, I can’t tell you for certain or guarantee what is going to happen. I also avoid making specific predictions about the future. What I can do is present options, help you consider something you may not have thought of, shed light on a situation, and explain what might occur as it relates to what is going on in the present and the direction your life is currently taking. Am I able to give you a reading for the following week, month, or upcoming year? Sure! Just know that things can change. We impact our future by living in the now, shaping what is to come in marvelous and unexpected ways.

9.) Remember, not all topics or questions are suitable for the tarot, and I won't read on something I consider to be unethical, or that I otherwise don't feel comfortable consulting the cards on. I will help you keep things Tarot-friendly. Sorry, I can’t tell you about or do readings on things like when you’re going to die, who the next president will be, or where you can buy the winning lottery ticket. If I could, I’d be one old, eccentric, and miserable -although seriously rich- cat lady in a ratty bath robe and fuzzy, worn slippers rambling at my TV about how much of an idiot the future Head of State is! Seriously, why would you even want to know?! I will help you explore the facets of your question in a way that is proactive, gives you the information you need, and leaves you feeling empowered. I will also let you know when something is just off limits, or when I’m unable to give you a reading.

10.) Questions? Comments? I’m listening. I always welcome any feedback you may have, just as long as it is constructive and sincere. Not everything you say has to be 100% positive, but no Haters, please! (Notice “Haters” is spelled with a capital “H”.) Harassment is not beneficial to anyone, and if it happens, I will act accordingly. I’m also happy to answer any of your questions on the tarot, card reading, or whatever else you may want to know about this wonderful art form to the best of my ability and as time allows. Don’t hesitate to ask!

*Disclaimer: By law, a tarot card reading is typically for "entertainment purposes only". Your views on the tarot and your reading, and your actions as a result of those views are entirely your own. tarotmore is not legally responsible for the information given.