Tarotfied! Tales: "Seeing is Believing" #1

Hey, lovelies! It's been a while, but do I have a season's treat for you! Welcome to the first installment of Tarotfied! Tales- a series of tarot-themed and tarot-inspired scary stories. I hope to make this a regular installment on my blog. Please let me know what you think!

I. The Catalyst | Birth 

Humans are stupid.

I saw a spider today, snaring a fly in its web. A classic and cliche example, I know, although I find myself unable to free the image from my mind. It is stuck there on the silk thread called "Remembrance". I can not escape this. I am the fly.

Humans are full of shit.

I saw a fly today- fragile legs seared to a spider's web with wings frantically beating. It must have been afraid. I thought about helping it, but the spider would have gone hungry. All that wasted effort- it would've been equally cruel. What was the fly thinking as I stood there watching it, doing nothing? Does being the spider make me a monster?

Humans are meaningless.

Which is it- starving the spider or saving the fly? We're only alive because something else dies. Our very existence hinges on death. Did you know there's this parasitic vine lacking leaves and roots that actually detects the scent of its prey? A winding laso through the air, The Dodder latches onto the nearest plant of its dreams, caressing it like a sweet lover before sinking fang into bitter flesh and sucking the life right out.

Humans are foolish.

Now here's the thing: that's how everything is- the bitch of some vampiric snake. And if a plant can smell and hunt, instinct or not, can it be conscious, or even feel? Isn't unconsciousness still a form of awareness? I at least take comfort in the fact that when we pass on, we return the favor and nourish the other living things around us. This just might be our true purpose.

Humans make no sense.

However, there is no rhyme in this reason for the likes of me. I'm an abhorrent- an abomination within the natural order, neither chaotic nor structured as described by universal law. My indefinite state has yet to be explained or properly documented within the ever-expanding repository of knowledge. That fundamental difference is what separates me from everyone else. In other words,

I am not human.

Underneath the water's surface, she watched the circle of light grow smaller, slipping further and further into absolute zero- a realm of complete and impenetrable darkness.

From inside the blackened void, it hummed and stirred, discerning the light outside. It could hear her screams with every twitch it made. Motivated by its intrinsic curiosity, it rallied against the confines of her socket, until her eyelid flew open, and for the first the time saw of its own accord.

I am alive.

The woman had leaped from the dock, and the eye had entered the world.

The Sound sounds like this:

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