Self-Love Sucks! Speak Your Truth With Compassion

As Tarot-readers, Healers, and Woo Artists and Appreciators of every sort, there is a lot of talk of LOVING YOURSELF!

I imagine some stereotypical, God-like voice speaking these words from on high right as this divine, holy light breaks through the clouds. Other things this voice might say include:
  • "You must love yourself before you love others."
  • "Write yourself a love letter."
  • "It really comes down to loving yourself, and accepting 'you' for the person you are."
 You know what? FUCK DAT SHIT!

I want the freedom- and the privilege- to tell myself, "I suck."

Ace of Swords
Tarot of Trees
Dana Driscoll
Let's be real with ourselves. We make mistakes, have things we don't like about ourselves, and are just plain stupid sometimes.

And you know what else? It's okay to acknowledge our shortcomings.

And that's the key: It's okay screw-up, and it's okay to suck. Hell, it's even okay to seek validation and acceptance from others every now and again.

We are human beings on a planet called Earth- a place of beautiful imprecision and imperfection.

And as splendid creatures of the Universe, we are worthy of respect, and that means showing yourself kindness, even in the face of brutal honesty.

Respect Yourself.

Be Sincere With Yourself.

Speak Your Truth With Compassion.

Thanks Lovelies!
Chani <3

PS- A new segment, Tarotfied! A Horrific Exploration of the Tarot, is in the works! (You may have read about this in a previous blog post. There are going to be some changes from what was originally announced, but the terrific terrors are coming, rest assured.)

If you are an artist, doodler, post-modernist ingenue doing collage work out of coffee beans, or any other kind of artsy-fartsy, and you love Tarot and/or horror, then I want to hear from YOU! I'm looking for a few good people to donate an illustration and/or photo or two for the special story I am crafting. (Yes, you will be credited, and I will gladly link to your stuff!)

If you would like to get involved on this project, hit me up on my Contact Page. Much appreciated!