Friends Don't Let Friends Go to Libraries or the Mountains

Dear Tarot-Lovelies,

Here is Now

My family and I recently moved after the sale on our old house closed early. EEEK! But fear not Divination Brethren; I have survived the tumultuous waters of unpacking boxes to write written greatness.

I recently submitted a piece for a certain online publication, which should be out in the next few weeks. (More on this soon!)

I have also been working on some new material: a vlog idea involving Death, an examination of my own shortcomings and a look at pejoratives, and my Tarotfied! tarot horror series. Which of these will happen or when I can't say, but SOMETHING magical will manifest on my blog and/or YouTube channel in the near, not-too-distant present.

Lastly, I'm in the process of hashing out some kinks with my newsletter service. If you want to subscribe to my blog in the meantime, head over to my About Page and scroll down to the bottom. Thanks! either hit up the web form in the side bar or click the link on my home page. Thanks!

Down to Business

Some of you may remember my ASSHOLE friend, Tony V of BlackBoxTV. Well, he sent me a most peculiar request for my assistance. As this favor was for a dear friend, I happily obliged.

You see, he came to Washington State in search of himself and Bigfoot. In his quest of the elusive creature, he decided to visit Mount Rainier. We had made plans to meet-up after his foray to discuss any potential findings, however, after a mysterious mishap with an unidentified, hairy man of possible Native American and Norwegian origin, he was left without a phone and a means of transportation. The result?

He stood me up.

Now, I can forgive him for his transgression due to the nature of these circumstances, BUT my time is valuable, and I don't make appearances for just anyone. I explicitly stated there would be consequences- especially after I stayed up late to receive his messages from the Snowland.

So, this is it.

I am issuing Tony- and anyone who wishes take part- the following challenge. (If you aren't in the area, feel free to make a video!)

More information about this will be released depending on the response.

Until next time, lovelies!

Mortal Combat Dace Off

To Tony, and everyone else: There are people in this world who love you for your weirdness and your faults- not in spite of them, but as part of the marvelous person you are. Enjoy being you, even when you suck!

The Hermit
"Bigfoot, why must you vex me so?"
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