"Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Oh My!": A Review of The Fairy Tale Oracle Deck

Wicked Witch- The Fairy Tale Oracle
Wicked Witch
The Fairy Tale Oracle
Chips Ahoy, lovelies!

It's 2015, and I'm finally posting something for this year, ack! What I have for you is a long overdue deck review. I'm so excited to share with you The Fairy Tale Oracle Cards from Nicole Feltovic!

Nicole is an Intuitive Artist and Reiki Master with a love and expertise of- you guessed it- fairy tales and myths. She sent me a copy of her deck, and boy, give me a magic wand and a bibbity, bobbity, boo because I have been making magic with these cards! (To learn more about Nicole and her deck, visit sacredmysteryarts.com.)

The deck contains 45 cards, featuring characters and elements from popular fairy tales. There are cards such as The Queens of Hearts, Red and the Wolf, Ariel, and The Hot Air Balloon from The Wizard of Oz.

The cards may be somewhat larger than your "standard" Tarot-sized cards, but they are certainly comfortable to use, even for those with smaller hands. For comparison, here is a side-by-side of one of the cards with one from my Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck:

Two cards side-by-side: Ace of Cups & The Snow Queen
Left: Hanson-Roberts Tarot; Right: The Fairy Tale Oracle
There is also an app for the deck available from either iTunes or Indie Goes. There is a free "lite" version, and an unlocked version for a small fee. You can do 1, 3, or 5-card readings, and can share readings with friends via email and Facebook.


Card Back, Ariel- The Fairy Tale Oracle
Card Back
The Fairy Tale Oracle
One of my favorite things about this deck is the artwork- love, love, LOVE IT! Nicole has created a distinctive, expressive feel for each of these cards, and they are rich and colorful without being overwhelming.

The same can be said for the symbology. There is definitely plenty to work with in these cards, however, the images are still simple enough than anyone can read with them, and there's little danger of getting lost in the details. Really, an excellent deck for your intuition!

I also really like the feminine energy and design of these cards. It's playful, yet neutral enough that it isn't stereotypically "girly".

Another commendable aspect of this deck is the written description on the back of each card. I have found them extremely helpful as I familiarize myself with these cards.

Here again, Nicole maintains a beautiful balance between detail and simplicity. What's written is more comprehensive and thoughtful than your typical Little White Book (LWB) while succinct enough that even the White Rabbit could wait a minute as you study the card backs.

I do feel the descriptions on the back of the cards are a little bit of a double-edged sword, however, as I mentioned in video portion of this review (below). With card meanings so readily handy, there is the temptation or risk of becoming too reliant on those standard interpretations of the cards.

But I want to be clear that I do not consider this to be a flaw of this deck. This is something that could easily happen with any well-written companion book or guide, so really, it's yet another feather in the cap of this praiseworthy deck. Ultimately, this is merely a point to keep in mind when working with The Fairy Tale Oracle.


My only real complaint for this deck is the card stock. I wish it had been a little thicker, although this may just be my personal preference, and it certainly hasn't been an issue when shuffling. The stock is still of good quality, and the nice matte finish allows for easy handling without being too shiny or slick.


Thumbelina- The Fairy Tale Oracle
The Fairy Tale Oracle
For the love of tarot, get your mitts on this deck! I can not recommend it enough. If you love fairy tales and myths, enjoy beautiful artwork that unlocks your intuition, or want a well-balanced, dynamic oracle deck, then these cards are for you! Both seasoned readers and beginners alike will very much appreciate this deck.

You can pick up a copy of The Fairy Tale Oracle on Etsy for only $25 (at the time of this review). I suggest you buy yours today!

You can watch my first impressions and the opening of this deck below:

In the comments below, I'd love to know your thoughts on this review and awesome deck!