BlackBoxTV & Tarot: A Reading for My Friend Tony V.

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For the love of tarot, lovelies, take cover! Someone has set their gun sights on my blog! How dare they target my little corner of the Tarot-verse?! That's it, Mama be slapping her cards down!

Who exactly is this monumental Asshole with a capital A, you may ask? Why, that would be my friend Tony E. Valenzuela, and he's actually a really awesome guy. Yeah!

Don't worry- this isn't about to turn into some, super cheesy after-school special from the 80's where people get to know the "real" you amongst neon scrunchies, wild hair and assorted leg warmers- dear god. O.o For these moments, we have things like Dead or Alive- You Spin Me Round:

So, uh, who is Tony again?

Tony V. of BlackBoxTVTony V. is a director, producer and the founder of BlackBoxTV- a YouTube channel specializing in Thriller, Horror & Sci-Fi. Offerings range from anthology episodes reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, a zombie apocalypse survival reality game show, and pranks of the Scare Tactics variety.

BlackBoxTV has also made their first movie, Villisca, which is planned to be unleashed upon the world later this year- like some little, undead carnivorous fruit bat! (Say what now?)

This all brings me to Tony V. and the Tarot.

A few weeks ago, Tony was having this very realistic, recurring nightmare, which he referred to as "The Nightmare Loop". (More can be read about his experience here on tumblr.)

Needless to say, Tony found the dream to be unnerving and scary. This also came at a point in his life where his old fears no longer hold the same sway, making the impact of the nightmare that much more significant.

When I read what he went through, my inner intuitive screamed the following:
"Oh My God! I live for shit like this! The symbolism, and the psychology- I SO have to do a reading for you!!!!"
I was also concerned for my friend, and felt the Tarot could really help him in this situation, should he need it. Therefore, the kid in a candy store that I was- albeit a loving, gentle and healing one- reached out to him, and asked him if he would like me to read his cards. He said yes.

Tony was kind enough to let me share his reading here on my blog and YouTube. It can be seen in the following video:

In the comments, I would love to know your thoughts on this reading. How would you interpret these cards? Are there any particular ones that come to mind in regards to Tony's experience with The Nightmare Loop?

And thank you, Tony, for allowing us to take part in something special. I hope you are my friend for many years to come.

Happy Taroting!
Chani n_n

BlackBoxTV banner- Tony with a TV for a head
Dude, what happened to your face?!

*Pictures lovingly used from BlackBoxTV.