A Short Treatise of Computer and Other Woes

Greetings, my lovelies!

I hope this post finds you well. I seem to be having the worst luck with computers. My current laptop- the one I bought to replace my dearly departed Frankenstein monster of a computer- now lies comatose on the coffee table.

The prognosis is not great, but her condition is stable. Namely, the damn thing won't turn on, even when plugged in, and after removing the battery and trying two different adapters. (F*CK!) Amid the pages of handwritten tarot notes and the files I can't access, I haven't been able to deliver the goods as promised.

I'm a drug lord, blowing in the wind without a good mule. I sit here bound, in silence, unable to express my cocaine-laden words that leave you writhing in euphoria...um, exactly is this analogy going? No one really knows, but simply, I haven't been able to post as planned, *womp, womp*.

Someone in my family also recently lost their job, and we'll have to get the house ready to sell soon. It's all been a bit crazy as of late, and our financial situation is, well, sad. I will probably be taking in my computer in somewhere to be fixed, unless some drunk and delirious fairy haphazardly waves her magic wand and brings it back to life. If anyone sees the Blue Fairy on a bender, send her my way. ;)

 I'm going to try and head to the library next week to get caught up, Yes, the deck review is coming, and so are the Fortune Cookie Messages and the Tarot horror story. They are just resting, quietly in slumber, until I breathe the spark of life into them. It's just going to take some time.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me. n_n

Very Grateful,