Don't Be A Turkey Spread

Happy Thanksgiving, tarot-lovelies! Or Happy "Just Another Flippin' Day of the Year". Whoo!

So in honor of the Great Turkey Feast we celebrate here in the US, I have designed a special "Don't Be a Turkey" Spread. Not feeling present in your life? Want to make a good impression? Always find yourself the buzzkill during the holidays? Can't figure out why people go out of their way to stay clear of you like have "The Clap"? Then this spread is for you!

Please note, this spread is NOT meant to be a "worry about what others think of me" kind of spread for things where their opinions don't matter, or for simply being who you are. Rather, it is intended to help us be the best version of ourselves.

Also, this spread isn't limited to Thanksgiving, or to those that celebrate Thanksgiving. Feel free to use it any time the moment strikes you. So without further ado, here is all the glorious trimmings of this delectable spread!

5 cards fanned out on a table
The Fairytale Oracle
Nicole Feltovic
1.) The Ham: Serving ham on Thanksgiving instead of turkey is a total faux pas! This is the thing or personality type that sees us as a "ham".

2.) The Cheese Stands Alone: What one thing for sure will have people avoiding you like you "cut the cheese".

3.) The Gobbler: The qualities or traits that see us in excess, i.e. the things to avoid or not indulge too much in

4.) The Gravy: How to get that "something extra" and make the magic happen

5.) The Final Message- How to Ultimately "Not Be a Turkey": You can think of this as a message from your guides and your inner/higher self. What is the most important thing to help us stay sane and content, so we don't end up a "turkey"?

The walk-through for this spread and our special reading using it can be see in the video below:

In the comments, I'd love to know your thoughts. How will you not be a turkey going into December?

Happy Taroting!
Chani <3