Announcements For November!

Come one, Come all! Gather 'round, ye tarot-hearts! I have some wondrous things to share...

First, here is what I have in store for the rest of November:

*A huge THANK-YOU to all my subscribers! For my most recent followers, your tarotmore Fortune Cookie Message is on its way.

*I will be reviewing The Fairy Tale Oracle from Nicole Feltovic. I am excited to sink my teeth into this yummy deck! You can check it out and purchase a copy here on Etsy.
cards & notebook
Notes From My "Don't Be a Turkey" Spread

*I designed a Don't be a Turkey Spread, which I will be sharing with you in time for Thanksgiving. Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, this spread will tell you exactly how NOT to be a lame-ass at your next holiday get-together or just in life in general. ;)

And now, for the rest...

*After some consideration, I will be moving away from Feedburner for my email subscription service. This will allow to better manage your subscription, my mailing list, and any communications I send out (*ahem* I will have a proper newsletter for things like the Fortune Cookie Messages.)

I also hope this will give you, my readers, more control over what you receive from me and a nicer presentation. I've explored some options, and have decided to go with Mad Mimi. If you wish to review her (yes, it's a her) privacy policy, you may do so here. I will be updating my site in the coming days to reflect this change. You should also receive an email from me via this new service if you're subscribed to my blog once the switch is complete. If you have any questions on this, please contact me.

*And lastly, I'm happy to announce a new feature that will be coming to my blog by the end of this year:

Tarotfied! A Horrific Exploration of the Tarot

That's right, cats. We're finally delving into the real scary stuff. Be prepared for some tarot-inspired horror stories, and possible discussions of horror themes within the Tarot. I'm sure it will leave cowering (or should I say, "salivating"?) for more. *cue evil laugh* Mwahahaha!

This first story will also serve as a Tarot Challenge where you get to guess which delectably awful Tarot cards represent each of the characters. Look forward to that!

Alright, I hope this post didn't become too cannibalistic in describing these amazing developments to you. (And you should know now, I'm not above making the occasional cannibalism joke. You have been forewarned...) Thank you again for sticking with me.

Stay awesome!
Chani <3


  1. Tarot-inspired horror stories sounds wickedly delightful! I can't wait! :)
    -Sarah Dawn

    1. Thanks, Sarah Dawn!

      I was glancing over your blog and saw that you had some creative writing spreads. I'll have to read over them and give one a try if I run out of ideas! n_n


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