Witchy Feline Spread and Tarot Reading

Happy Halloween, tarot-lovelies!

Creeps and ghouls go bump in the dark, but when the clock strikes twelve and the moon is high, all falls under the watchful eye of the cat. The Black Cat, that is. (I actually have 5 cats, and one of them is even named Jack-O-Lantern! How wickedly delicious!)

The following spread was created with The Black Cat in mind to help us get the most out of the season. Enjoy!

3 cards in a horizontal row
Hanson-Roberts Tarot
US Games
1.) The Cat Purrs Contently: Good Luck- The thing that brings us joy in this moment

2.) The Cat Crosses Our Path: Bad Luck- the thing that works against us and dampens our spirits

3.) The Cat Stalks the Night: Card of Celebration- How to really live it up!

The reading and demonstration of this spread can be seen in the video below:

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In the comments, let me know if you liked this spread, and feel free to leave any interpretations or impressions you had from the reading below!