Welcome to tarotmore! (tarot+amore, get it?) Here you will find all kinds of fun and practical tarot and oracle stuff. Thank you for visiting my site!

It's still in development/beta right now, but feel free to take a look around.

The site will continue to grow in the upcoming weeks, and will be in 100% launch mode as soon as...well, as soon I finish customizing it, writing some things, and deciding what juicy tarot content to put up first! I hope to see you back here once everything is polished off.

Please come again soon!
Chani n_n


  1. Your site looks great! Can't wait to read your upcoming posts :)
    The Daily Tarot Girl

  2. I love your colors on the site. I will return for sure to see more of your offerings!

    1. Thank you! I'm still in the process of building it, but I have some fun tarot things on the way! n_n


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